Bond Enforcement: Fibreplex

Ego only uses the finest of products and trending techniques to produce excellent results. Fibreplex has been available for a couple of years now, but here’s the science behind the magic!!


Fibreplex from Schwarzkopf Professional is a system that includes a Bond Booster, which integrates with the hair fibres and strengthens their structural bonds. Fibreplex Bond Sealer is an intensive treatment that seals the hair’s outer surface for improved strength and shine. Fibreplex can be used as a bond enforcer for colour-treated hair or as a bonding care service for strengthening hair between colour services and for non-colour-service clients.

The technology: Fibreplex No.1 is formulated with Fibre Bond technology, which protects hair from damage throughout the lightening, lifting and colouring process. The technology interlinks with the hair fibres, enforcing the strength of their structural bonds while minimizing breakage by up to 94 per cent. The Fibreplex Shampoo, No.2 and No.3 contain Fibre Bond 4.5 technology, which creates new bonds while balancing the pH level to secure colour pigments, resulting in vibrant, long-lasting colour.

“The bonding category has become so important because more and more people are pre-lightening their hair now, which means that the hair needs a lot more protection now than ever before. With Fibreplex, stylists can maintain their regular colouring routine so they don’t need to increase their processing time or change their developer strengths. And, because they don’t have to alter their normal routine, they are guaranteed the same, if not better, colour results with the added protection of the hair. Bonding systems are not a trend; they are a staple.” – Susan Boccia, education manager for Schwarzkopf Professional Canada

Fibreplex is available as a reconditioning treatment or colour additive at Ego, please call us if you would like to know more! 

Nat x